Ascension: No Good Deed

Ascension: No Good Deed

By Bree Smith on May 17, 2021

The champions are back on the road, heading toward the town of Shimberlen. On the way, the group cautiously approach a pair of travelers, a very pregnant woman and her doting husband, who have become worn out and burdened by their journey toward home. Sensing the presence of evil near by, the heroes offer to keep the couple safe and to escort them home.

Cast & Crew

Bree Smith – Dungeon Master, Artist, Graphic Designer, Sound designer
Erin Wainwright – Dovie Rivenstone, Editor, Song writer & performer
Josie Kaip – Samonari, Editor, Social Media marketing
Jon Wainwright – Argrath Stonesmasher, Lore master
Amanda Lucas – Nimue

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