This episode will make you hungry

By Bree Smith on May 6, 2020 in Podcast

The title of the episode is a warning, because this week Erin and Bree chat all about food! Discover how much they both love food, but in completely opposite ways. Find out about Erin’s love of home cooked meals and Bree’s ineptitude in the culinary arts.

But they both agree that food is a big part of everyone’s life.

Like what you like

By Bree Smith on April 29, 2020 in Podcast

We are all unique in our tastes and the way we appreciate the things we enjoy. As a person who surrounds herself in pop and geek culture, Bree was curious about Erin’s take on those things and got some great insight on how we should all just like what we like.

As a note, the opinions in this podcast are just that, opinions. It’s OK to agree or disagree with the things said. That’s the whole point.

Don’t Call Me English

By Erin Wainwright on April 15, 2020 in Podcast

This week Erin and Bree are joined by Rachel Deeming, a lovely lady with a very lovely accent.

Originally from Wales, Rachel has lived in many places around the globe and is currently living in Canada. Erin and Bree were excited to talk to her about her travels, her great DIY projects and what’s next in her life.

Show Notes

Main Event

During our interview with Rachel she mentioned that she reupholstered a chair she found at a thrift store. Here it is!

Where did Moosejaw get its name?

Well according to the Canadian Encyclopedia website:

“The city’s evocative name is likely based on Indigenous sources and was perhaps first applied to a local creek that supposedly resembled the outline of a moose’s jawbone; another explanation is that it comes from a Cree word for “warm breezes.”

Veeerrryyy interesting!

Favourite Things

Here’s Bree’s submission to the Six Fanarts challenge. Pretty amazing!

Here’s Erin with her vibrating heat pad belt. Soooo great!