Introducing: The Instant!

By Erin Wainwright on January 26, 2020 in Comics, The Instant

A few years ago I used to have a blog called Reach in the Jar. It was short-lived but I enjoyed it while it lasted. One of my favourite things about it was it gave my husband Jonathan a place to showcase his comic The Instant. Jonathan used his real-life experiences with our two boys to create humourous situations that a superhero / Dad might find himself in. The amazing thing about these comics is when Jonathan created them he was working two jobs, was in school and had two young children. He coloured them with our oldest son’s pencil crayons. We have about 23 of these comics which we will put on Imaginary Friends every Sunday for you to enjoy.

Psst… There has been talk of a team-up between Jonathan and Bree to create more of The Instant! Here’s hoping!