Family Friendly Camping Activities

By Erin Wainwright on March 10, 2020 in Camping, Camping tips

In my last post I discussed all the reasons I love camping, and one of the big ones was my family and I get to spend quality time together. We get to explore new cities, go on hikes, but we also get to hang out together at the campsite with no tv and video games. We’ve started bringing some fun activities to enjoy together at our campsite and I thought I would list a few of our favourites for you.

Dungeons and Dragons

Dinosaur Provincial Park

We play D&D quite often when we camp as a way to wind down for the evening, if it’s raining or just because we love it! Jon usually thinks up a great short adventure for us to go on, usually nothing longer than one session, and we have an amazing few hours together fighting monsters. If you don’t know much about Dungeons and Dragons and think it might be something you would like to try we have some great posts for beginners that you can find under the Dungeons and Dragons category.

Playing Cards

Osoyoos Campground and Waterslides

Playing card games is a nice relaxing way to spend time together as a family. We play Crazy Eights, Speed, Crib and many more. We even have tournaments! The best part of playing cards together is the conversations we have. I’ve learned so much about my sons over card games.

Bean Bag Toss

Park Lake Provincial Park

Such a simple game but also hours of entertainment! The best part is that they’re light and easy to throw on top of a few other items in the Boler when we’re ready to go.

Baseball Bounce

Three Hills Campground

Also light and easy to pack, this game is really fun because it takes some skill to win. You have to bounce a ball on the trampoline and try and get it into the pockets. Our oldest son loves this game and will even give you a ten point lead if you’ll play with him. Especially if you’ve already played four rounds with him ;).

Flying Disc

Long Beach Tofino

This is something we do if we can find a clearing big enough at our campground or a large space nearby.


Three Hills Campground

If a campground has a big enough clearing we can have a fun family baseball game with just the four of us. If there’s not enough room for that we’ll usually play catch.

There you have it! Our tried and true favourite family camping activities. I would love to hear about some of yours!