Ascension: Beach Day

Ascension: Beach Day

By Bree Smith on July 5, 2021 in Dungeons & Dragons, Podcast

After finally arriving on the Isle of the First, the Champions meet Raexeothi, the Satyr, who is meant to reforge Di’dran’s sword into items for each of them. Impressed by her power, and that the Isle acts as an intersection between multiple realms, the group take the opportunity to ask Xeo for the answers to their most pressing questions.


Bree Smith – Dungeon Master, Artist, Graphic Designer, Sound designer
Erin Wainwright – Dovie Rivenstone, Editor, Song writer & performer
Josie K. – Samonari, Editor, Social Media marketing
Jon Wainwright – Argrath Stonesmasher, Lore master
Amanda Lucas – Nimue

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