Ascension: Goblin Rights Association of Amari

Ascension: Goblin Rights Association of Amari

By Bree Smith on May 31, 2021 in Dungeons & Dragons, Podcast

After deciding to induce Kaylene’s labor, Samonari gets to work brewing the elixir. In the meantime, Nimue and Argrath visit a couple of Goblin’s being held in Virstock’s make-shift jail in an attempt to enlist them to the side of good.


Bree Smith – Dungeon Master, Artist, Graphic Designer, Sound designer
Erin Wainwright – Dovie Rivenstone, Editor, Song writer & performer
Josie K. – Samonari, Editor, Social Media marketing
Jon Wainwright – Argrath Stonesmasher, Lore master
Amanda Lucas – Nimue

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