Ascension: Javelins for Juveniles

Ascension: Javelins for Juveniles

By Bree Smith on May 10, 2021 in Dungeons & Dragons, Podcast

Welcome Bad Rollers to the very first episode of our live play Dungeons and Dragons podcast. Join the continuing adventures of Dovie Rivenstone, Argrath Stonesmasher, Samonari, and Nimue in our current campaign, Ascension. Make sure to listen to the Prologue to catch up on the story so far.

After weeks of battling against the growing darkness, and finally getting to meet their god, Amaranth, the divine champions prepare for the next part of their adventure. Of course, they aren’t sure what the next part is yet, but they’ll figure it out… eventually.


Bree Smith – Dungeon Master, Artist, Graphic Designer, Sound designer
Erin Wainwright – Dovie Rivenstone, Editor, Song writer & performer
Josie K. – Samonari, Editor, Social Media marketing
Jon Wainwright – Argrath Stonesmasher, Lore master
Amanda Lucas – Nimue

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