A Different Toy Story

A Different Toy Story

By Bree Smith on March 24, 2021 in Podcast

The 1980s was an amazing time for cartoons and, of course, their toy tie-ins. We coveted our My Little Ponies, G.I. Joes and Barbies. It was also the age of family board games and super unsafe physical toys such as the Skip-it and Pogo Ball. We were all Toys R Us kids.

Flash forward 40 years later, to the age of nostalgia, and you’ll see a lot of those same toys lining store shelves. Whether they are from shows that have been rebooted, or they’re being reissued in their retro packaging, the toys of our childhood have come back in a big way. But, are they really for kids?

Listen to this week’s podcast as we attempt to dig into what this toy resurgence means, and how much has changed since we were kids.

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  • Darren Tenor
    Darren Tenor - reply

    I might have mentioned it last year, but as a kid I played with Micronauts, and then discovered the Micronauts comic by Marvel, and from those comics I became a comic collector and discovered roleplaying games. Literally, my life would have been incredibly different without those toys opening up my life. This was around in the middle to late 70’s… the toys were pretty incredible with working toy missiles, interchangeable parts (using plugs and sockets, ball bearings and magnets, etc.), glow-in the dark organs and body parts, and so much more. My toy Force Commander allowed you to remove it’s legs, remove the head of his horse, and merge the two into a centaur. I’ve heard that J.J. Abrams and the How to Train your Dragon people are supposed to be doing a live action feature film on The Micronauts, but who knows? Could it even compare?

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