Come with us if you want to live

Come with us if you want to live

By Bree Smith on February 25, 2021 in Podcast

Two podcasts hosts are sent back to 1984 to watch The Terminator and report their findings to their podcast audience in 2021. It probably won’t stop the rise of the machines, but it doesn’t hurt to try.


  • Darren Tenor
    Darren Tenor - reply

    Terminator and T2 are both great films. James Cameron is quite good at making female heroes (Ripley and Sarah Connors). And yes, Lance Henriksen got to play Bishop in Aliens because he lost out on the role to play The Terminator. These films also made me a big fan for Michael Biehn (Kyle Reese / Corporal Hicks in Aliens) because of his acting chops, his ability to be Cameron’s soldier in his films. It’s strange how in the Terminator and Alien franchises, it feels like the creators are chasing the success of the original films but don’t manage to realize it by making films that are so completely different in tone from those originals.

    Erin Wainwright
    Erin Wainwright - reply

    I totally agree! Also, so interesting about Lance Henriksen! It just goes to show that one lost opportunity can lead to another great one.

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