Resolutions are dumb

Resolutions are dumb

By Erin Wainwright on January 13, 2021 in Podcast

Happy new year, everyone!
This week Erin and Bree talk about the trouble with New Year’s Resolutions and why they think they’re rigged for failure. Also be prepared for a healthy dose of D&D, as well as an update on what each woman is up to.

Show notes

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  • Darren Tenor
    Darren Tenor - reply

    I take a different track – I do New Year Revolutions! They start in November and then reset in October of the next year. Why reset in November? Because the Winter is hard and I make it the easiest time of the year by doing less. Essentially I adopt one new habit over that month. And yes, they need to be small and relatively straight forward. In November my goal was to climb 15 flights of stair per day. I can do that because in my house climbing the stairs from basement to our main level is one flight and my phone monitors flights walked in a day. If I don’t do it one day, I’m not a failure. I’m looking for an average of 15 per day over the month. So I can make up for a Monday of only 13 flights of stairs with two days at 16. The other thing to remember is that even just trying is worth something – perfect in anything is a trap after all. HUGS! D10

    Erin Wainwright
    Erin Wainwright - reply

    I love that! You’re right Darren, trying to reach perfection will always lead to disappointment.

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