Three Weddings and a Podcast

Three Weddings and a Podcast

By Erin Wainwright on August 19, 2020 in Podcast

This week Erin and Bree talk about their weddings, and in Erin’s case, two weddings. Listen as they talk about how they both managed beautiful weddings on a small budget using their skills in DIY and savvy shopping.

Here are some pictures for you enjoy from our weddings!

Erin’s (2nd) Wedding

Erin’s $400 internet dress as well as her faux flower bouquet.
The flower balls (what do you call those things anyway?).
Getting back from the unexpectedly long carriage ride.
The party favours filled with gummies.

And let’s not forget the world’s worst hair. Always book a trial hair appointment for your wedding. Always.

Bree’s Wedding

Paper lilies and silk roses all made by hand.
Muppet themed wedding cake
Brendon and Bree on a train.
Disney World honeymoon

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