Life, Creativity & Customer Service

Life, Creativity & Customer Service

By Erin Wainwright on April 8, 2020 in Podcast

Now that it’s April, it was time for Erin and Bree to sit and chat about what’s happening in their life. Listen as they update you on how things are going from their respective homes, what they are working on and their love and frustrations with working in customer service.

Show Notes

Dungeons and Dragons

Roll20 and Astral Table Top are the two online free tabletop roleplaying platforms we were discussing in this episode. Next week we’ll let you know what we thought of each.

Main Event

Bree has been working on drawing the character’s from our Dungeons and Dragons “We’re Not Evil” campaign. Here’s the sketch of Vimeroth that she mentions in this episode.

Erin has been making matching Imaginary Friends aprons with her son Nathan.

Favourite Things

Here is a link to Erin’s world famous (in her mind) whiskey sour recipe. Enjoy!!

The show Steven Universe was Bree’s favourite thing for this week. If you would like to watch it it’s on Cartoon Network as well as iTunes.

Weekly Wisdom

Here’s the chair Erin purchased from to help with her back issues. Stay tuned to find out if it helps!

This is the Wacom Intuos tablet that Bree uses and recommends. There’s also this more affordable option.

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