Why I enjoy camping

Why I enjoy camping

By Erin Wainwright on March 3, 2020 in Camping

When I was a kid I rarely went camping. Camping was this foreign, slightly terrifying concept to me; people slept in tents, on the ground where bears could just eat them?! Why would they do this? I had no interest in being a human burrito.

As a young adult, I did go backcountry camping a few times with friends (and beer) but it seemed to me that without the beer we would just be sitting around bored. I honestly couldn’t understand the draw that camping held for people.

It wasn’t until my sons were old enough to camp that I actually started to enjoy it. Our first camping trip was to Drumheller, Alberta to visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum. We stayed in a campsite right in town and had a great time! We spent the day at the museum which had plenty of dinosaur fossils and age-appropriate classes for the boys to take part in. Surrounding the museum are educational trails through the badlands which weren’t too difficult and they also have a large outdoor play park which the boys loved crawling all over. During the evening we played cards and cooked our meals outside and then had smores.

Royal Tyrrell Museum

It turns out the kind of camping I enjoy is where I travel to a new city or town and spend most of my time away from the campsite. Don’t get me wrong, after spending the day exploring I love cooking a nice meal and relaxing at our site but the real draw for me is the fact that we get to travel to somewhere new.

Johnston Canyon
Dinosaur Provincial Park
Kinbrook Island Provincial Park

You’re probably wondering why we don’t just stay in hotels. Sometimes we do, but they are much more expensive than staying at campsites and we wouldn’t have been able to travel as much as we have if hotels were the only option. To be honest, there’s something special about staying at a campsite that you’ll never experience at a hotel. While you’re there your campsite becomes your little yard and your trailer or tent becomes your home. Cooking, washing dishes and general hanging out are all done outside which is amazingly freeing and relaxing. Because everything you do is outside you make friends with your neighbours (mostly). Your kids can run and play because cars have to drive very slowly in campgrounds. There really is nothing like it.

Ol‘ MacDonald’s Resort

Camping along with friends and other families is an amazing experience as well. It gives you time to get to know one another and kids form lasting friendships away from video games and tv.

Chain Lakes Provincial Park

I know that different people enjoy (or dislike) camping for various reasons but for me, camping has granted my family and me the ability to experience new places and it also gives us quality time together which is something I cherish.

How do you feel about camping? Are you a front-country or back-country kind of camper? Or are you a never-in-your-life kind of camper? šŸ˜‰

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