Making a cabinet door for the Boler

Making a cabinet door for the Boler

By Erin Wainwright on February 18, 2020 in Boler, Camping

If you’ve ever renovated an old trailer (or an old anything really) you’ll be aware that the renovations never seem to end. In 2017-18 we renovated our 1975 Boler travel trailer to make it safe and comfortable (you can read about that journey here), but there were, and still are, a few things that need doing. For example, when we took out the furnace from the kitchen cabinets it left a large hole in the cabinets.

We camped with the Boler like this for most of the summer and we found that when we were travelling to and from the campsites dirt and dust got in the lower cabinets through the vents. We wanted to keep the vents because they let out the heat from the fridge but a lot of the road dust was getting into the rest of the trailer because of the large hole in the cabinet. Also, it doesn’t look very nice does it?

I could have made a door almost exactly the same as the other one but I wanted to do something fun and different. I had a conversation about it with people at work and the suggestion of lattice came up. I loved that idea, but I knew that the door wouldn’t block much dust with a bunch of holes cut out of it. After a bit of brainstorming, we came up with the idea of using a thin opaque plastic glued to the back of the door. I work at a Maker Studio which has a laser cutter so I started creating the design for the door and then used the laser cutter to bring my design to life.

That’s right! I used little Bolers to create the lattice! So cute and amazing right?

Once the lattice was cut out I attached some cut pieces of wood and trim to make the two doors match.

Then I primed and painted the door the same colour as the rest of the lower cabinets. I attached the door using matching hinges and added the door pull. I also added a door catch so it would stay closed while we were on the road.

All that was left was gluing on the sheet of plastic.

I’m glad I added this because you can really see the little Bolers with the contrast.

Here it is. What a difference! I love it because people don’t usually notice the little Bolers right away so it gives them a nice surprise when they do.

It’s been a whole camping season since the new door has been attached and it’s still holding up! I need to cover the gap around the fridge as a little dust still gets into the trailer through it. That’s a project I’m hoping to get to this spring along with a few others and I’ll be sure to share them as I go!

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